Sore nipples are one of the most common side effects of breast feeding your baby. In this interview segment, breast feeding educator Anna Marie Nelson discusses why sore nipples occur and what why achieving a proper latch is the best possible solution.

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Breastfeeding and Sore Nipples

Below is a transcript of the interview segment.

QUESTION: Now do you think that that issue of the sore nipples is one of the biggest reasons that people would abandon breastfeeding?

Nursing a baby girl
Proper breast feeding technique can prevent sore nipples

ANNA MARIE NELSON: Absolutely.  And normally a very sore nipple is caused by a poor latch.  Which means the baby does not have a deep latch and is just right on the nipple. 

When the baby nurses, the baby moves its jaw up and down almost like it’s chewing.  So if the baby’s right on the nipple, a woman will get very sore.  I advise my clients that while they’re in the hospital, ask to see a lactation consultant every day that they’re there.

Even if they think things are going well.  Because oftentimes a baby will nurse the first few days and the mother’s doing it incorrectly and she doesn’t know it because she’s not sore yet.  And then a few days later and she’s home from the hospital, then she’s extremely sore and it’s because she’s been nursing incorrectly. 

So while you’re in the hospital, ask to see a lactation consultant because they can evaluate the baby’s latch and tell you, “Yes, this baby has a good latch.  You’re doing this well,” or “Adjust here,” or “Adjust here.  Let’s get back on track.”  And then oftentimes then that will make the woman where she doesn’t get nearly as sore and then it won’t be a problem.

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