Similar to many children’s medical problems, there are a number of myths about the treatment and causes of infant colic. Once you’ve determined your baby has colic and are seeking colic solutions, the best way to separate truth from fiction is to talk to your pediatrician. To get you started, here are 3 common myths about colic.

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infant colic myths

QUESTION: Let’s talk about old wives’ tales.  Are there any old wives’ tales or common myths about infant colic, crying, or getting an infant to sleep that you’d like to clear up with our listeners today?

infant colic
One common myth about infant colic is that you can "spoil" a baby by holding or comforting her

JULIE BUCK: There are a few. Definitely.  One myth is that it is caused by something that you’re doing. It just is not the case.  It’s not your fault.  It is largely a phase and it’s something that some babies go through that has very little to do with anything mom and dad are doing.

The next myth involves the sentiment that parents can spoil their babies by picking them up and snuggling them too often. The truth is, you can’t spoil a baby that needs you – that’s just not possible.  That’s just not possible.

Another common myth is that colic is only gas, which is not true. Your baby might be suffering from a little bit of gas, but that’s  usually not the case.
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