Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What Causes Colic?

The roots of colic have been debated for decades, but even today, doctors aren’t quite sure what causes it. The Mayo Clinic reports that about twenty-five percent of all babies experience colic, and it occurs with about the same frequency in boys and girls, as well as in babies who are breast-fed and formula-fed.  The […]

Infant Colic Myths

Similar to many children’s medical problems, there are a number of myths about the treatment and causes of infant colic. Once you’ve determined your baby has colic and are seeking colic solutions, the best way to separate truth from fiction is to talk to your pediatrician. To get you started, here are 3 common myths about colic. […]

Breastfeeding Diet Tips: 8 Foods That May Cause Colic

Some experts believe that a breastfeeding mother’s diet can be a primary factor in infant colic and crying. In some cases, there can be genuine allergies or particular foods that can cause havoc on an infant’s immature digestive system. If you are breastfeeding and suspect a particular food, you can try to eliminate it and […]

9 Baby Cry Remedies

In this interview, colic expert Julie Buck discusses 9 proven solutions for help your baby to stop crying. NOTE: Any type of baby cry remedy should always be used in consultation with your pediatrician or family doctor. Click on the play button below to hear Julie’s advice: baby cry remedies QUESTION: Do you ever recommend […]

Baby Colic? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Baby colic occurs when an otherwise healthy baby cries inconsolably for extended periods of time without any apparent reason. There are, however, certain mistakes some parents make that can make the situation worse and the crying sessions longer or more intense. In this teleseminar, Julie Buck (a postpartum doula in Denver, CO) discusses three common […]

Colic: How To Know If Your Baby Has It

Colic is typically associated with a wide variety of symptoms in babies, including excessive spitting up, arching the back, crying while nursing, and inconsolable crying for long periods of time. However, the most accurate way to diagnose colic is the “rule of three.” In this audio segment, Michelle Chrastil, certified postpartum doula and colic expert, discusses […]

How To Treat Colic With Baby Massage

Many parents swear by baby massage as a cure for colic. It improves circulation, eases digestion, promotes healthy growth and strengthens the bond between parent and child.