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Colic is typically defined using the Rule of Three

Colic is typically associated with a wide variety of symptoms in babies, including excessive spitting up, arching the back, crying while nursing, and inconsolable crying for long periods of time.

However, the most accurate way to diagnose colic is the “rule of three.”

In this audio segment, Michelle Chrastil, certified postpartum doula and colic expert, discusses the rule of three and provides a simple method for determining if your child suffers from infant colic.

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Colic: The Rule of Three

QUESTION: Can you explain to our listeners what colic is?

MICHELLE CHRASTIL: Sure!  Well, colic is a broad term.  It is a term that defines the symptoms rather than a particular cause.

Which just means the doctors and experts really don’t know a specific reason for colic.  Colics can be described as babies having episodes of uncontrollable extended crying that can last over three hours a day and last three days a week.

So really, in order to determine whether or not your child has colic there tends to be a Rule of Three.

And the Rule of Three is that the crying began within the first three weeks of life, it lasts up to more than three hours of crying a day, and it occurs more than three or more days a week for about three months.

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