In the womb, everything seems like white noise to a baby.  They become comfortable with this, and it creates a sense of safety and reassurance.  Try to recreate this using white noise to help put baby to sleep.

Turn on classical music softly or play a CD with recordings of actual white noise, such as a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, raindrops, or static.  If you have a laptop, look for music sharing programs where you can pay a small fee and stream music all night.  Most of these services will have a wide enough breadth of music to have something suitable.

When choosing the music, go for sounds that are repetitive or unchanging.  Think about the sound of a fan blowing – the sound is consistent, unimportant, and it doesn’t catch your attention.  It does, however, lull you into a sense of comfort and can help you drift off to sleep.  Keep this in mind when choosing sounds for your baby.

If you do not have access to music, your own voice can become white noise for baby.  Choose a lullaby to sing softly and take care to keep your voice monotone.  If you don’t care to sing, talk to baby.  It doesn’t matter what you talk about – the point is just to create unremarkable noise that helps calm baby down.

get your baby to sleep
Using white noise can recreate a womb-like environment with your baby, helping him to sleep more soundly

How do you know when it’s working?  When baby begins to breathe or move in time with the sound, or begins to generally settle down, you know white noise is working.  This could take several minutes, so be patient and let the noise do its trick. 

Once baby has relaxed, put him down (if you are currently holding him) or slowly and quietly leave his sleep area.  Here’s the key: do whatever you can to not interrupt the white noise, at least while baby is falling asleep.
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    • Kata Bagyon-Parker

      Hi there,

      at he beginning of Sep I downloaded a book from your site. I had found an ad saying that the book is available and has all the secrets how to make baby sleep. What is more it offered a money back guarantee if I am not completely satisfied. I purchased the book, instead of shipping I chose the downloading as it was quicker and eagerly started to read your advice. By now I have found that
      a) most of the ideas I had already known and been trying
      b) we had some good days and some bad ones (which I wanted to improve very much!!) and now the situation is still the same – despite having the book.
      So – though it IS a nice summary of the ideas how to settle a baby to sleep I do not find it that useful for me personally. I would like to take up the offer of the money back guarantee.
      Please let me know about its procedure.
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